The Burger Joint offers full service event catering for private, corporate and special events throughout the Greater Houston Area. Our team will arrive to your special event and set up a burger buffet according to your requests. Each burger ingredient is offered separately so your guest can build their own custom burger.


Select a combination of up to 4 entrees (includes burgers, sandwiches & dogs from the below menu)

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Additional Notes

Food Truck Catering Options

Cancellation Policy

  • Within 14 days  subject to a 25%  cancellation fee of the total order
  • Within 7 days subject to a 50%  cancellation fee of the total order
  • Within 48 hours subject to a 75%  cancellation fee of the total order
  • Act of god clause – In the case of a tropical storm, earthquake, any major natural disaster or any major act of god, the client will not be responsible for payment.

Private Parking

Customer agrees to provide private parking for the event. The parking area must allow for clearance of the following dimensions: 28ft long x 10ft wide x 12ft high.